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3d sinister silo

A 2800 sq ft haunt. . . Welcome to the Carnival!  Not for the faint of heart; this heart-pounding adventure blurs the lines between reality and nightmares...and leads you through a maze of possibilities. . . .be careful of which path you choose, because you never know who might jump out at you in this 3d scare silo! Decide for yourself what is real and what is a delusion.





The land is infested by zombies. It’s officially the zombie apocalypse. These undead creatures have taken over a prison and you’re stuck inside. These zombies are hungry for flesh. Don’t make a sound. Be careful. And run. Can you make it out alive? Or will Cell Block Z claim you? 





It was once a home. Now it's a prison for all that enter . . . the spirits of the dead are trapped inside. The cause of their gruesome fate is still inside. and he's waiting for you. Take the hidden passageways and you might be able to escape the same fate as those imprisoned here.  Be careful, and watch your back . . . Can you escape before he finds you?



haunted cornfield

A fan favorite


If you’re brave enough, navigate your way through the twists and turns of this horrifying corn maze. But beware and keep your wits about you because creatures of the night are lurking just around the corner. And They’re coming for you. The darkness is the last thing you should be afraid of. Are you up for the challenge?


park entertainment

Explore the haunted grounds and be wowed by entertaining performances. as you prepare to enter our haunted attractions, keep watch over your shoulder for devilish clowns, zombies, and slaughterers. 


Glass Alley Beer Garden

for our guests 21+, we have the perfect addition to a night out at scream acres. grab an ice cold drink in our spacious outdoor courtyard and compete in fun yard games. sip a drink with friends while you wait for the horrors to begin!


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